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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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am rod daniels. the searches on four arsonists who are targeting victims at random. the have firebombed homes across the city, most in northwest baltimore. our reporter is live with reactions from the victim's. >> i spoke to two women who say they are grateful to be alive. they are also confused. nobody knows what if someone would throw a firebomb at the house the roof -- why someone would throw a firebomb at the house they were sleeping in. we spoke to women who said they were grateful that nothing happened to the house the were in. someone tried to throw it molotov cocktails into a kitchen window. -- tried to throw molotov cocktails into a kitchen window. >> at 4:00 a.m., i heard a loud smash. i assumed it was a break-in,
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locked the door, and called 911. >> latoya does not want to show her face, out of fear of retaliation. she was shocked to hear from police the noise was not an intruder, but a molotov cocktail. >> i did not make the connection why the house was full of smoke. there was gasoline in a bottle. they lit it with the intention of a homemade bomb. >> she called me and i got up and saw the smoke upstairs. >> mavis also asked us to protect her identity. she is the homeowner. she is grateful to be alive. between the wooden beams and the gas stove, the object would have torched her home instantly. >> the screen prevented it from coming through, the bottle itself. it was a good thing. >> but they are not alone. since the middle of the month, eight other homes have had
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flammable bodies -- bottles thrown into a first floor window. the incidents are scattered over the city, more than half in the northwest corner. >> individuals are not being targeted. they appear random. fortunately, there has been no significant damage or injuries. >> the search continues for multiple suspects. mavis is not worried. >> nobody should allow any outsiders to chase them out of their home. i am not that person. god is my shield. i depend on him. >> please do not have a description of the suspects, but are asking people to keep an eye out for suspicious activity or people with flammable materials. we are live in northwest baltimore. wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are searching for three men who ransacked the home
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and assaulted the people inside. the break-in happened around 5:00 this morning on townsend avenue. a woman was sexually assaulted and one man was shot. another man was pistol whipped. authorities believe the vandals were looking for valuables and drugs. the victim who was shot is expected to survive. police imposters have struck again. it is the fourth time since june of that man impersonating police officers to gain entry into a home. we have more on the latest attack. >> in all of these cases, the suspects are dressed as police officers. they tie up the victims and tell them they are there to raid their home. the latest incident happened in northwest baltimore at 3:30 in the morning. according to police, three men pretending to be police officers kicked in the door, announced a raid, and put the victims in
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handcuffs. all three were dressed in uniform, one carrying a badge. >> one victim broke free and attempted to engage a suspect. he was shot once in the upper body, the face area. >> the impersonators fled in a stolen vehicle. the victim was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. >> jesse has lived in the neighborhood for over a decade. >> i hope they find them. we are living in a dangerous world. >> this is the fourth case involving criminals posing as police officers in baltimore since june. three men kicked in a door on june 27. they tied the victim's hands behind his back and shot him in the neck. police have arrested one suspect in that case. and several men broke into a home in federal hill and robbed a man. >> this resonates with us. we have worked hard to keep the city safe.
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individuals who try to undermine our trust with the community pose a great danger. >> police are looking at the possibility this case is connected to the others. they warn residents to be on high alert. >> it is rare police will break down your door unless you know police are looking for you. we do not normally take those steps. >> in this case, the getaway car was stolen. police do not have a work -- do not have a make or model. police are required to wear a jacket and a badge identifying themselves as police officers, even if they are working undercover. >> a city police officer is recovering after a three-car crash in mount vernon. the accident happened around 2:00 p.m. around west madison street. the officer injured his leg. two others were taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. no word on what led to the
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crash. he is a two-time indy 500 winner and a supporter of the baltimore from pre -- grand prix, but he is charged with the w weiss. he was driving 100 mph, with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. the retired race car driver was also charged with the why back in 2007. a federal grand jury has returned an indictment against another home run terror suspect. he is charged with allegedly plotting to bomb the pentagon and the u.s. capitol. the 26-year-old physics grad planned to use remote-controlled model airplanes rigged with explosives. >> 5 pounds of explosives on a model airplane is not going to be a big deal for a structure like the pentagon or the u.s. capitol.
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it would have done a little damage. probably not much. >> federal investigators say the man visited washington to survey the areas before they picked him up in an fbi sting. the rise in individual terrorist plots is because jihadist groups are losing the ability to organize the attacks. unemotional day in the -- an emotional day in the conrad murray trial. he faces manslaughter charges. day three of court proceedings. >> after three days of emotional testimony, jackson family members left the courthouse surrounded by supportive fans. meanwhile, inside the courtroom, testimony from a key witness for the prosecution. security guard alberto alvarez recalled critical minutes in jackson path bedroom on june 25,
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2009, while jackson's children watched. he said he was asked to call 911. but not before he said conrad murray told him to help collect drug vials and an ivy back. >> he pointed toward the iv stand and told me to remove the bag. >> leiter, jackson's personal chef testified. >> it was a devastating day. >> she was preparing jackson's lunch when dr. murray came running down the stairs in a panic. >> he was shouting. >> what did he shout? >> get help. get security. >> she was questioned about paid interviews after jackson's death. >> were you paid for that interview? >> yes i was, $1,000. >> new tonight, natural
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resources police are looking to identify a man whose body was found in a cecil county waterway this afternoon near the marina services in the elk river. officials believe the body had been in the water for some time. couple -- a man could spend the rest of his life in prison for sexually exploiting a minor to produce a child pornography. the 72-year-old was sentenced to 18 years. according to his plea agreement, he made videos of himself molesting a 9-year-old girl with other obscene images. police have recalled their arrest warrant for mr. randall. he was wanted for sexually assaulting a woman. detectives say they have interviewed randall and after consulting with the state attorney have decided not to serve the warrant.
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the state plans to take up president obama on his offer to waive a failing report for some schools. more than 100 maryland schools failed to meet adequate yearly progress, mandated by the "no child left behind" law. parents are complaining be law does not look at overall progress. >> there are many schools trying very hard, doing everything they can do. they are still not making that ayp. it is a lofty goal to meet every year. >> president obama is allowing schools to waive the requirement, provided they do not lower standards. the department of education is also paying attention to how it disciplines students, after concern it was taking too long to process suspensions and expulsions. the board has not said whether
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changes will be made to district policies, but will look into the issue. newt gingrich used the contract with america as a model to win republican control of the house in the 90's. he is hoping a 21st century version will win the white house. he introduced the plan at an iowa financial firm. it proposes shrinking government and regulations, balancing the budget, and returning power to states. he anticipates a long primary fight. [no audio] sorry about the sound. his idea is to roll out the plan in four parts. it will be finalized september 27, 2012, the anniversary of the original contract with america. a new campaign against animal
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abuse in baltimore. the city is using serious fire power to drive home the message. some of the toughest guys in baltimore show their softer side. >> i appreciate you as a brother, showing me how to be a professional, staying on me to keep these young guys professional. ,> baltimore's toughest raven like you have never seen them before. the song and dance outside. >> cool weather moving into the mid-atlantic. maybe a few rain showers in the weekend. the forecast coming up. right now, 69 downtown.
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bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at >> hundreds gathered to remember the fallen firefighters this afternoon at the inaugural memorial feast. the ceremony is for firefighters
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who lost their life in the line of duty. it was hosted by the baltimore international association of firefighters. adam jones and jarrett johnson are helping officials say "only a pump would hurt a cat or dog -- punk would hurt a cat or dog." the campaign features the athletes showing pets love. there is muscle behind the campaign. >> certain an animal does not make it tough. i think the opposite is true. if you are going to hurt a defenseless animal, those people are cowards and should be punished. >> the mayor hopes the campaign will change the minds of young people and bring the increasing number of animal abuse cases to a halt. former super bowl champion o.j. brigance turned 42. the baltimore ravens through a big birthday bash.
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o.j. brigance thank supporters and introduced a new t-shirt as a fund-raiser for als research. >> once upon a time, o.j. brigance set the tone for the ravens super bowl championship with the opening kickoff. now, he relies on a wheelchair for mobility and a computer to communicate. >> i could not have asked for a better birthday present. >> he remains actively involved with the team. thursday, his 42nd birthday, he shared a powerful moment with the ravens. >> we are going to celebrate. o.j. is quick to celebrate with us. >> we want to say happy birthday to juice. you have all the support from us, and we know we have it from you. i appreciate you as a brother, showing me how to be a professional, staying on me to
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keep the young guys professional. happy birthday, jews, from everybody. -- juice, from everybody. >> o.j. stall the issue -- the show. the computer spoke the words, but they came from his heart. >> thank you for my birthday. i would like to take a moment to honor you. thank you for treating the the same regardless of what you see with your physical eyes. i want you to know my spirit and attitude are strong, and every day is a blessed day because i have an opportunity to live life and make the most of each day. >> the celebration commenced. you ♪appy birthday to
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>> pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the t-shirts are on sale. if you would like to buy one, you can find a link at a letter bearing the signature of the entire congressional delegation from maryland has arrived on president obama's desk. it requests that maryland the route -- be declared a federal disaster area after tropical storm lee, which caused rivers to raise to their highest level in 45 years. that declaration would make maryland eligible for disaster relief funds. >> a record-setting rainfall in september. there are more showers inching this way. but the sky has cleared by sleek
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and will state essentially dry overnight. the little band of showers stretches from pittsburgh to west virginia. it will slide east. there is a possibility of a shower tomorrow. nothing today. afternoon temperatures above normal. almost 80 downtown. normal is 73. the record low is 38, set back in 1951 cool air coming back over the weekend. some outlying suburbs may see numbers like this in the weekend. a big transition headed our way. right now, 50's and 60's, drier than it has been. humidity has been coming down. we will drop into the 40's in the western maryland mountains. a little cloud cover arriving toward morning. mostly clear skies on the eastern shore. partly cloudy at sunrise. 63 downtown.
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the sun comes up after 7:00 for the first time this fall. you have to wait until after 7:00 a.m. for sunrise, 7:01. a new storm over michigan, dropping south and east. this will bring scattered showers and fall air, the coldest air since spring, set to move in this weekend. when the leading edge arrives, may be a brief shower tomorrow. the cold air moves over the region. clouds and scattered showers here, and in the mountains possibly snowflakes. that gives you an indication of how chilly the air is behind this storm. 70's tomorrow. a chance of a light shower. west wind on the day at five to 15 knots, winds -- waves around 2 feet. we could have wet snow over the weekend. 41, for the high. saturday night, temperatures go
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south. the forecast -- a 20% chance of rain tomorrow. much cooler on saturday with highs in the upper 50's. ocean city gets to near 80 tomorrow. the front moves off the coast and the weekend temperatures will be down. maybe low 60's in sunday. it is still the tropical seas and in the atlantic. ophelia is getting stronger. winds up to 85 mph. the storm almost faded away, but will become a category 2 hurricane as it heads east of bermuda saturday afternoon. we will feel the impact. hurricane watches up for bermuda. philippe remains weak, but ophelia will head up toward the north atlantic and weaken next week. it will be a close call for bermuda saturday afternoon. big football game coming up this weekend. it will feel like football weather.
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50's on saturday. a high of only 59 sunday. kickoff sunday evening, temperatures falling to 50 or the upper 40's before the game is over. >> the ravens face a unique mix of strategy and emotion against iraq ryan and the jets.
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>> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the ravens and jets will get
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plenty of attention, but the developer of both quarterbacks could make this a different game than last year's season opener. both joe black and mark sanchez had a below record passing game last sunday. that puts both in the league top 10. the offense looks like a track meet. the first game and third game. it is considered a great offense when you string together big yards and win week after week against the fences like the rams and the jets. >> we are doing a lot of things well. how do not think we are doing anything great yet. -- i do not think we're doing anything great yet. but we have to improve our consistency. >> injury concerns. lee evans unable to practice. the same for david re-.
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-- david reed. the ravens linebacker has the best quote so far. he said that if rex ryan was michelangelo, they were the sistine chapel. the will show how good the creation has become on sunday night. rivalries have a measure of hatred. players like suggs obviously want to beat wrecks ryan and former teammates, but also want to impress them with a great performance in prime time. >> it is a little personal, because they once were here. a little background and everything. we have tremendous respect for them and love. but we have a job to do. they are in the way of what we are trying to get. and they see us as being in their way and are going to do
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whatever it takes. by any means necessary. >> if red sox fans do not feel bad enough, the rays trip comes after a red sox payroll of $162 million. can but they paid only $41 million. -- tampa bay paid only $41 million. the red sox put this team in the historic category of biggest late-season fall. it leaves the leadership trying to explain what happened. >> we did not find a way to stop the slide. in the bigger picture, there are plenty of regrets. there was a lot of talent. we did not get the results. >> this time of the year, you have baseball teams to root for and against. i think you want to put wadk -- wake forest on the root for.
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jordan underwent a kidney transplant and is back on the field. he got the transplant from his coach. that is a coach who cares about his players. >> this is a special day for the program and for kevin. he has been working so hard this summer and fall. he was chomping at the bit to get out of here. >> it is exciting. once you got to face run drills, it was like i was back to playing ball. >> are you all the way back? >> i am 100%. >> a great week for baseball on a lot of fronts. >> the seven they forecast, but first, new jersey leno with what is ahead. -- jay leno with what is ahead. >> albert brooks is on the program.
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>> temperatures trending downward. low 70's. a sprinkle tomorrow. temperatures in the 50's for highs on saturday and sunday. some fall weather. find your jacket or sweater for this weekend. >> and you for joining us this evening. the tonight show is next.
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